Preston Postal History

Preston Special Events Postmarks


Preston has many such postmarks; these are typically used on mail posted at congresses, exhibitions, shows, etc., and for notable anniversaries (such as the 294th anniversary of the Battle of Preston !). Postal facilities or at least a post box was usually provided; many were sponsored by First Day Cover producers or other commercial interests.

A set of Preston-related postmarks are shown below covering a period from 1968 up to 2009. Further additions are being researched; if you can ‘fill’ some of the gaps or you know of any omissions, please let Andrew Williams know!

 DateSpecial Event PostmarkRef Nos (*) & Description
125th May 1968829. Sp.R  

NW (Philatelic) Federation 8th Convention,
Preston, Lancs.

(The convention was organised by Preston District Philatelic Society.)
215th Jan 19721828.  Sp.R  

Preston North End. Kick-off in FA Cup, Preston.
34th Sept 19722030.  Sp.R  

Preston Guild Merchant, Preston. (First Day)
49th Sept 19722031.  Sp.R  

Preston Guild Merchant, Preston. (Last day, inscribed 1328-1972)
59th Sept 19722037.  Sp.R   (BFPS 1331)  

Adoption by Preston of Queen’s Lancashire Regiment
617th Aug 19732339.  Sp.R  

325th Anniversary – Battle of Ribbleton Moor, Preston, Lancs
720th June 1977 

3295.  Sp.R  

HM QEII Visit to Preston, Lancashire.
810th May 1979

3813.  Sp.R  

HM QEII Visit to Preston, Lancashire. (repeat of 3295)
922nd Sept 19794009

Festival 800. 1179 – 1979.
Octocentenary of the Preston Guild.

(The exhibition was organised by Preston and District Philatelic Society.)
1014th Feb 1980A Century of Telephone Service, Preston, Lancs.
115th Sept 19804422

Brownedge St Mary’s Martyr Chapel Opening and Blessing by Cardinal Hume, Preston
1212th Nov 19804531. Sp.R    

George I Jacobite Rebellion Put Down 12.11.1715, Preston
1313th May 19814689

25th Christian Aid Week, Preston
1427th Sept 198125 years of Recklinghausen – Preston Twinning.
1520th Oct 19814994.  Sp.R  

Preston North End FC Centenary, Preston.
1612th June 19825219.  Sp.R  

Preston & District 75 Years (Scouting), Preston.
1723rd July 1982pres5323.  Sp.R
Sir Richard Arkwright 250th Anniversary, Arkwright House, Preston.

(Part of the British Textiles Series)
1824th Sept 1983 5777.  Sp.R  

22nd North West Federation of Philatelic Societies (NWFPS) Convention.

Held on the Turbine Steam Ship (TSS) Manxman, which was docked in Preston.

(The convention was organised by Preston Philatelic Society.)
191st Oct 19835782.  Sp.R  

Centenary Celebrations 1883-1983. BB (Boy’s Brigade), Preston
2027th Sept 1986 6851.  Sp.R  

Leyland Vehicles 90 Years & Preston & District Philatelic Society 50 Years Exhibition.

(Stamp Fair held at Roper Halls)
216th Nov 19866852.  Sp.R

Leyland Vehicles 90 Years & Preston & District Philatelic Society 50 Years Exhibition.

(Exhibition held at Harris Museum)
2222nd Mar 1988      7149.  Sp.R  

Preston North End Football Club, Preston, Lancs.

(Recognising the centenary of the Football League)
2326th June 19907838.  Sp.R  

Lancaster and Preston Railway 150th Anniversary, Lancaster.
2415th July 19907871.  Sp.R  

Preston Wyre Railway 150th Anniversary,
Preston-Fleetwood  (Lancs).
2522nd Dec 19918314.  Sp.R  

Bolton & Preston Railway 150th Anniversary,
Bolton, Lancs.
2631st Aug 19928541.  Sp.R  

Preston Guild 92.
Preston Past, Present and Future.
276th Jan 1994 A special commemorative cover was produced by Royal Mail for the official opening of the Preston Automated Processing Centre on 6 January 1994.

Although there was no special cancellation for the event, a large cachet was applied to mark the occasion.
284th May 1994 9149. Pc.  

Eurofighter 2000 Aircraft International Debut, Warton, (Preston), Lancashire
2914th May 199610045. Pc.

Football Heroes.
Preston North End FC, Preston, Lancs.
3017th Aug 199811336. Pc.  

350th Anniversary of the Civil War. The Battle of Preston, Preston, Lancashire.
3113th May 199911810. Pc.  

50th Anniversary of English Electric Canberra (aircraft,) Warton, Preston.
324th Aug 199912022. Pc.  

45th Anniversary of English Electric P1 (aircraft), Warton, Preston.
331st Nov 200012944. Pc.  

RAFA (Royal Air Forces Association) Wings Appeal 2000, in association with BAE Systems, (Warton) , Preston.
3421st May 200213876. Pc.  

World Cup 2002
– Korea Road – Preston
3521st May 200213877. Pc.

World Cup Qualification,
Sir Tom Finney Way, Preston,
3625th Mar 200314313. Pc.  

Fruit and Veg,
Chipping, Preston.
379th Oct 200816936. Pc.  

International Football Institute.
The National Football Museum, Preston. PR1 6PA
3810th Mar 200917093 Sp.R   (BFPS 3094)    

294th Anniversary of the Battle of Preston. (Jacobite uprising).
(*). Reference number (Numbering system established and quoted directly from various volumes of the: –  “SPECIAL EVENT POSTMARKS  OF THE UNITED KINGDOM”   catalogue published by the British Postmark Society drawing on work by George.R. Pearson, Alan Finch and Colin Peachey).   The relevant British Forces Postal Service (BFPS) number is also quoted, if applicable.   Sp.R = Special design self-inking rubber handstamp Pc = Pad Canceller (superseded Sp.R)