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From the Unicorn to the Shambles!

One of our members, Andrew Williams, came across this cover which appears to have been issued by the North West Federation of Philatelic Societies in recognition of their annual convention in 1968. Preston Philatelic Society are referenced as having organised the convention.

The cover describes a postal route from the Unicorn at Walton-le-Dale to the Shambles area in central Preston; basically the area where the Harris Museum and Miller Arcade are now located.

The Unicorn was situated on Chorley Road. There is thought that in 1648 Oliver Cromwell’s troops stayed here following the Battle Of Preston. The pub probably closed in the 1930s. It has since been a cafe and a restaurant.

The Shambles in Preston was where most of the town’s butchers carried out their business. “Shambles” was a name originally used for a street of butcher’s shops where meat was slaughtered and sold.The end property was appropriately named Cottam’s Shoulder of Mutton Inn. Preston’s first Post Office was a building at the other end.

Andrew would like to include hosting this event within in the Society History section of this website and wondered if any current members could recall it; what it involved, where it was held, etc. Also, apart from the already documented convention held in 1983 on the Manxman steam ship in Preston Docks, have any other federation conventions been organised by the Preston Society?